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Manage Travel On-The-Go with FlightView’s New Itinerary Management Feature

Posted by Mike Benjamin on Jul 12, 2013 @ 10:50 AM


FlightView Trips travel itinerary management

Our flight tracking customers have spoken – and we got the message loud and clear! In the latest release of our website, www.flightview.com, as well as the FlightView app for iPhone, we’re delivering the most requested features from our users. We’re now offering itinerary forwarding and on-the-go trip management to help our fans travel smarter. Here’s a quick test drive of the new features:

  • Sign up for an account on your iPhone app or at FlightView.com (Android coming soon), then forward current or future itinerary confirmation emails to trips@flightview.com where they’re automatically uploaded to your “My Trips”.
  • Here’s the cool part  – we enhanced the My Trips feature in our apps and at FlightView.com so you can edit trips and sync across all devices, from handhelds to desktop. So wherever you are, with whatever device you have in hand, you can update your trips and later track the updated flights from a different device. We recognize that our travelers are often on-the-go, and expect their mobile and desktop devices to have their latest information.
  • Want even more good news? To make it even easier to plan and organize your travel, we’ve extended the schedule lookup window to 350 days in the future, allowing you to manage trips almost a full year away!

We want to make travel planning and trip management as easy as we’ve made tracking flights, and we’re happy to hear our efforts are already paying off for our FlightView iPhone app users:

It’s great! *****
by Daddybearrjs – July 6, 2013
Couldn’t ask for any better.  And now I can just forward any itinerary email to the app and everything gets entered. It’s easier than any of the [airline] carrier apps I have.

Love this app *****
by BFly58 – July 3, 2013
Love the new feature. I forwarded my itinerary that I received from my airline to FlightView and it populated it right into the My Trips section. No more manually inputting my trips! Excellent!

We’d love to hear what you think of the new features and how you’re using them, whether to manage all your travel in one place, or as an easy way to update people with your trip itinerary and flight status.

(Android users: we didn’t forget you! The update to FlightView’s Android app is coming soon!)

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