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Transforming Airport Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Posted by Josh King on Jun 07, 2013 @ 11:13 AM


I recently attended the ACI Jump Start conference with some of the leading members of the aviation marketing community, as airport brand ambassador social media well as Joe Tripodi, the Chief Marketing Officer of Coca-Cola.  Joe discussed the importance of taking customer service and traditional marketing a step further by transforming airport customers into brand advocates.  Joe noted that social media provides airports with the perfect opportunity to do this, as it allows the travelers to broadcast the airport’s brand to their social networks – transforming them from customers into advocates.

With FlightView, airports can improve their brand and customer loyalty by providing their travelers with an opportunity to reach out to their friends on the airport’s behalf.  Our web and mobile flight information content which is incorporated in airport and airline websites and mobile sites, integrates with social media platforms so users can share flight information with their friends and family.  These social media posts include links back to the airport and airline sites, exposing these airports and airlines to new audiences.   While airport administrators remain extremely busy and often wear several hats, one of the main values of these offerings is that it requires no input or maintenance from the airport – the airport doesn’t even need to have a Facebook or Twitter profile since the integration is with the customer’s profile.

Airports typically only reach those on social media who choose to seek out the airport’s Facebook or Twitter page, but with FlightView’s social media integration, airports reach a much broader audience – leading to an exponential increase in the number of consumers seeing their marketing and business promotions.

Why is customer brand advocacy so important? A promotion or endorsement from a friend or family member is much more powerful than one from an advertisement or message broadcasted directly from the airport.  This was something Joe Tripodi made very clear:  think outside the traditional marketing box of advertising directly to your customers, and focus on new and innovative ways to reach your customers, but more importantly to turn them into your brand ambassadors.

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