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Where's My Plane?

Posted by Scott Kahan on Jun 06, 2013 @ 11:29 AM


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Working at FlightView, we always have travel on our minds and we tend to think of most life and world events in the context of travel.  Looking out the window of our office today as Andrea kicks off the hurricane season, rather than lament my ruined weekend at the beach, my mind went to thinking of how many stranded and delayed travelers there must be at airports across the eastern seaboard.

A quick look at our homepage has proven my fears.  As I write this, there are 8 of the 15 large airports along the east coast are experiencing delays, with four of them experiencing major delays.  Anyone who travels has been in this situation before and we all know the frustration of hovering around the gate to find out when we might leave.  For many, all the new mobile technology and apps aren’t worth as much as the airline or airport changing the status on the gate’s digital display and making the new departure time official.

Airports and Airlines know this as well and some are beginning to invest in technology that allows the traveler to learn more information about their flight faster.  One example is the new Flight-in-Sight! content on gate displays at Tampa International Airport, which FlightView recently developed.  This content, shown on the gate display screens, helps the customer answer the all important question “where is my plane?”.  We are very proud to be providing this functionality to travelers at TPA and pleased that as they wait out the storm, they will have easy access to information on their aircraft before it arrives at the airport to service their flight.

For some, Flight-in-Sight! will provide the freedom to move around the airport, knowing that they won’t miss anything while they take advantage of airport amenities – restaurants, massage chairs, sleeping pods, etc…  For others, Flight-in-Sight! will provide a constant view into where their aircraft is and when they can plan on leaving.  It will also provide a nice visual for them to follow their flight as it crosses the country to whisk them away.  As Andrea and the rest of her brothers and sisters come at us this hurricane season, I am very pleased to know that travelers at TPA are a bit more in the know and able to better understand when they may finally leave the airport.

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