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Top 3 Tips for Summer Travel

Posted by Mike Benjamin on May 15, 2013 @ 11:37 AM

summer travel tips

Increases in thunderstorms, travelers and ticket prices mark the beginning of the summer travel season, which is only a few weeks away. Airlines for America is predicting packed flights for the July to August stretch due to a record number of people traveling internationally and a brighter economic outlook. Add in unpredictable and sometimes dangerous summer storms, and you’ve got a recipe for stressful travel. While there’s not much we can do about the ticket prices, we have a few tips to help you have a better travel experience this summer.

Summer Travel Tip #1

Track inbound flights to get a heads up on delays. It’s close to boarding time and you’re ready and waiting at the gate – but your plane isn’t. Find out where your plane is and get an idea of its ETA to plan for potential delays. (Tip: Find your flight using FlightView’s flight tracker website or apps then click “Aircraft’s Previous Flight”). You’ll get a jumpstart on your fellow travelers if you need to rebook, since seats will be scarce with full flights.

Summer Travel Tip #2

Have a bad weather contingency plan. If you’re traveling this summer, chances are at least one of your flights will be affected by a weather delay. Summer thunderstorms are notorious for popping up quickly and causing a cascade of flight delays when they hit major hubs like Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Miami. When tracking your flight before leaving for the airport, check the airport delay map to see if any airports you’re flying to or through might be affected by weather. Rebooking delayed or cancelled flights via phone instead of waiting in line at the airport is faster and less stressful than waiting in line at the airport with a bunch of other disgruntled travelers!

Summer Travel Tip #3

Save time by reserving parking online. Travel is stressful enough – don’t risk missing your flight as you’re driving to different parking lots around the airport only to discover they’re full or the prices are ridiculous. Go to an airport’s landing page on FlightView’s site, ATL for example, and click on the “Parking” tab to see a listing of parking options and their fees at nearby lots, then reserve your spot before you leave for the airport.

Any savvy travelers out there who have weathered hectic summer travel seasons? Tell us your survival tips or “war stories” in the comments section!

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