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The best technology investments for airports - INFOGRAPHIC & FREE REPORT

Posted by Mike Benjamin on Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:19 AM


Airports are making a concerted effort to improve the airport experience for their travelers - but are they making the right decision on how to invest their limited IT budget? airport traveler survey infographic

We ran a survey this summer asking over 2,000 travelers how the airport experience can be improved. With smartphones and tablets being the most popular devices now used by travelers at the airport - their responses were nothing shocking: airports aren't meeting travelers' demands for better connectivity. 

The infographic summarizes our key findings, and here are some quick takeaways from the survey: 

  • The #1 activity while waiting at the airport for a flight was using a mobile device, either for leisure or work. 
  • Only 38% of travelers were satisfied with airport wifi availability, down 4% from last year's survey. 
  • 87% want more charging stations throughout the airport.

Along with the increased mobility, travelers told us they want more information transparency and opportunities for self-service. The key for airports will be to understand exactly what travelers want in order to properly invest in the right technology. 

If you'd like to learn specifics about what travelers told us was on their most-wanted airport technology list, we've created an in-depth report detailing the findings of our traveler survey, "Catering to the Connected Traveler".


airport technology report

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