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How Connecting Hubs Can Make or Break a Trip

Posted by Katherine Wellman on Dec 23, 2013 @ 10:16 AM


November, 2013, was a difficult travel month if connecting through any of the major hubhub airport performance airline connection time infographic airports. Weather was the primary culprit, causing, for example, about one in twenty flights to and from Dallas/Ft. Worth to be cancelled.  At many hubs, flights that did operate, arrived late – and the departures left close to on-time, squeezing connection times and causing travelers to scramble. We've defined those compressed connection times as the "Squeeze Factor", which is a good indicator of whether a traveler will miss their connecting flight.  

We’ve put together an infographic showing 'The Squeeze Factor', an indicator of the “best and worst” hub airports to connect through in November, along with rankings of the best and worst on-time arrival airport performers and the top 6 hubs with the most cancellations in November. 

So how bad was the 'squeeze' in November? A new study based on data aggregated by FlightView showed the connection squeeze to be worst in some of the large Asian hubs, and less severe in many North American and European hubs.  One reason why it was less of a scramble to connect in these hubs was because the departures were delayed as well – and when they were delayed they were delayed long enough to allow late arrivers to make connections.   

Most of the way through December we’re noticing that weather has caused more trouble in North America and Europe this month - stay tuned for a similar analysis in early January and see where the best and worst connecting airports were in snowy December!

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