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Connected Information-Sharing Tops Travelers' OTA Wish List

Posted by Amanda Rogers on Jun 16, 2014 @ 11:02 AM


In the event of an itinerary disruption, how can OTAs and meta-search engines provide a value-added service their customers crave by using actionable information they already have? Down-stream information sharing.


The most stressful part of traveling is the lack of transparency into flight delays, cancellations and itinerary changes but early warning allows for proactive planning around disruptions. Today's connected travelers want instant notification of changes to their itineraries, and expect those affected by the changes notified immediately as well. But the fact is that very few travel providers today are delivering the amount of actionable information and alerts their travelers want and need.

87% of travelers we surveyed expected flight status updates sent to their mobile phones on the day-of-travel, and 46% wanted relevant parties alerted of their itinerary changes. Here's who travelers thought should receive automatic notification of itinerary disruptions on the day-of-travel: 

  • 87% said their connecting airline 
  • 47% said their hotel
  • 46% said family and friends 
  • 38% said ground transportation
  • 8% said their workplace

It would be a huge benefit and relief if travelers didn't have to worry about making calls or sending emails to all the affected parties while running to catch an alternate flight, making new travel plans, or in an area with poor internet connection or phone reception. When distributing updates on the traveler's behalf, travel providers grant peace-of-mind and improve the travel experience by providing outstanding customer care using actionable information they already possess.  

Along with an opportunity to provide top-notch customer service, connected information-sharing creates more day-of-travel and in-trip touch points, increasing stickiness and customer engagement. 

For more insights from our traveler survey, check out the OTA Meta-Search Engine Survey Infographic  and download FlightView's free market brief for online travel providers here:

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