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How Dallas Airmotive Uses Historical Flight Data to Keep its Customers Flying

Posted by Amanda Rogers on Jul 23, 2014 @ 02:02 PM


When you're responsible for maintaining over 80% of the aircraft engines in the Business & General Aviation markets, you need to keep a close watch on your customers' engine usage and servicing schedule. See how Dallas Airmotive uses historical flight data reports to make sure its customers stay in the air and on-time. 

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Tracking maintenance keeps planes flying safely and on-time

As part of the Aftermarket Services Division of BBA Aviation -  which provides comprehensive turbine engine repair, overhaul and support services for more than 80% of the aircraft engines used in the Business & General Aviation markets - Dallas Airmotive has a big responsibility to help keep their customers keep planes safe and reliable. As one might guess, the more frequently an aircraft flies, the more maintenance it requires - which is why they need to track where their customers' planes have been and how much time each engine has flown in order to make sure it's being serviced often enough. 

Granular detail provides insight

In his Strategic Planning & Business Analyst role at Dallas Airmotive,  Dave Stradal has used a variety of sources and market metrics to evaluate maintenance demand and macro level industry trends. One of the key tools he uses today is FlightView historical reports to gain a more granular understanding of the aircraft engine maintenance market, and calibrate their business accordingly. FlightView provides them with the right level of detail so they gain insights for particular market segments and aircraft type, which helps them calibrate their service offerings to unique operator groups. 


Quick analysis for better planning and customer support

The historical flight data that Dallas Airmotive receives from FlightView is already in a usable format for faster analysis. It saves them time and allows them to focus on understanding their customers' needs better and faster. The end result for Dallas Airmotive is better strategic planning and business modeling, which helps them better support their aftermarket customers.  

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