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FlightView Displays Keep TPA Pax in the Know – and Happy – with Great Graphics

Posted by Bart Littlefield on Aug 26, 2014 @ 12:46 PM


At Tampa International Airport these days everywhere you look you can see what’s going on in the sky over central Florida – and all over the country – without even having to look out the window.  During the past year TPA has partnered with Com-Net to install several FlightView display content products throughout the terminal, from the counter, along concourses, to the gate areas, and baggage claim.

FlightView’s Air Traffic Live! shows flights headed to or from TPA on an enormous screen in Airside C:


Flight-In-Sight! Is a FlightView exclusive which displays the flight track and position of the aircraft inbound to that gate – the one that will be taking the watching and waiting passengers.  No more answering the question:  “Where’s my plane?”



With FlightView’s Weather Live! there is no hiding from the weather across the continent – which many times will explain why an inbound aircraft is still on the Flight-In-Sight display and not at the jetway!


And in the baggage claim area, FlightView display content shows meeters and greeters what is going on in the air above and across the country.


The result?  Passengers now know exactly where their flight is – and if it’s not at the gate ready to board, they can see it’s enroute to pick them up.  And if weather is causing delays, they know where and why.  So passengers are better informed (without tying up customer services resources to handle questions) and more content – and can spend more time shopping or dining.  In fact, TPA management has reported a significant increase in concession spend since FlightView’s Display products have been running in the airport.

See FlightView’s Display Content products – and our other flight information content and products – at booth 531 at the ACI-NA conference in Atlanta next month. 

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