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How Did Your Airport Fare in December? Get FlightView's On-Time Airport Report Now!

Posted by Bart Littlefield on Jan 07, 2014 @ 06:06 PM


December, 2013, was a challenging month for air travel in North America.  Among other natural December 2013 North American Airport On-Time Reportphenomena, a layer of frozen slush covered north Texas for a good part of the month, and snow and cold gripped the midwest and the northeast.  So how was air travel affected in these places during the month?

At FlightView, we know.  All through December (and for 30 years) we have tracked and kept a detailed record of every flight in North America (and, for the past several years, the whole world).  In addition to FAA radar, our information comes from hundreds of airline and airport sources in real time, as each and every flight event occurs.

Today we are releasing the on-time, cancellation and delay statistics for the 130 largest airports in North America for December, 2013.  Observers will not be surprised to see that DFW experienced an astronomical (10%) cancellation rate; also hard-hit were ORD (5%) and LGA (4.5%).  Of the flights that made it to DFW, 73.4% arrived on time (within 15 minutes), placing DFW in the top 10 for arrivals of the largest airports on the continent.

Which airports weathered the storms best, and delivered the most on-time departures?  Washington National, despite nasty weather beat all other airports and got 57.6% of its flights out of the gate on or before scheduled departure time.  LaGuardia was “hot” too, with 56% on time, and Detroit Metro was third with 55% of its flights departing on time – plus DTW’s arrivals, at 75.5% within 15 minutes, was second last month only to sunny Lihue.

Get FlightView's full December 2013 North American Airport On-Time Report here. 

And stay tuned for FlightView’s December 2013 Airline On-Time Performance report.

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