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Know When to Deliver Your Next Best Offer

Posted by Katherine Wellman on Mar 18, 2014 @ 03:42 PM


An old term has regenerated in the travel industry: 'Next Best Offers'. The Next Best Offer, or NBO, is the most relevant and appealing offer to a customer in the moment, based on the customer’s location, context and personal preferences.  In the past, next best offers were made by travel agents to travelers looking for trusted advice, recommendations and immediate help adjusting plans while on a trip. Today, with more advanced technologies, large data repositories and big data analyses, travel providers can deliver a personalized service to their customers as well as optimize their own revenue stream by automatically sending NBOs that complement an existing or previously purchased service.  However, when is the right moment to present a particular offer so it is most relevant and appealing?  This is the challenge for many travel service providers.  On the day-of-travel, a highly stressful and somewhat unpredictable day, there are key moments when certain offers are particularly appealing to travelers and FlightView knows when they are.  hand-present

FlightView knows when a traveler’s flight touches down at its destination and when it arrives at the gate.  Also, we know the exact moment when a traveler's flight is delayed and if there’s a new estimated time of departure.  Finally, when a passenger’s fight is cancelled, FlightView can immediately tell you.  At every one of these moments, there is an ideal NBO(s) to present to the traveler.

FlightView’s infographic shows how travel companies can take advantage of our real-time flight information to trigger the right NBO. That is, in the face of disruptions, the travel provider can step in with a timely, compelling NBO to alleviate the situation:

  • Airlines: Flight delay? Make the traveler's trip more pleasant by offering a discounted seat upgrade or airport lounge pass via text or email. 
  • Ground Transportation: Flight delay or cancellation? The customer would appreciate an email, text, or alert with an offer to extend his current car rental. 
  • OTA (Online Travel Agency): Flight delay or cancellation? Save the day by emailing or texting an offer for the best hotel deal for tonight in the traveler's current city. 

By sending an offer via email, text, or mobile alert to the customer at the right time and right place, the provider can deliver quality customer service and build loyalty, while earning additional revenue from an existing customer. 

While technology could be blamed in the past for hampering travel companies' efforts to provide the human touch to their customers, today it's a major catalyst for providing the personalized, value-added service customers expect. 

Want to learn more about how to time your next best offer exactly right? Download our free infographic here

Next Best Offer Infographic

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