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The End of Airport FIDS?

Posted by Amanda Rogers on Feb 05, 2014 @ 06:59 PM


Over on Aviation Pros, FlightView CEO Mike Benjamin asks "Do Airports Need FIDS Anymore?"  fids

While a knee-jerk reaction may be to dismiss the question as ludicrous, a more in-depth look indicates the long-standing technology is going the way of the Yellow Pages. 

Without question, flight information display screens in airport terminals provide an important customer service - but there's a more effective way to get that information to travelers. The trend today is towards increasingly personalized information. Travelers want real-time flight information like boarding times and connecting flight status where and when they need it, which is on their mobile devices rather than a display screen located a few gates away. 

As consumer-driven technology continues to grow with leaps and bounds each year, travelers expect airports and airlines to keep up with the blistering pace. While airports and airlines may not have the technology infrastructure (or budget) in place today, what are some intermediate steps they can take to meet customer demand for personalized travel information? Check out Mike's Aviation Pros article to learn his predictions for the future of airport FIDS and the major opportunity airports and airlines are missing when providing flight information to passengers. 



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