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This Great Boston Globe Chart Tells the Whole Snowy Story

Posted by Bart Littlefield on Feb 18, 2014 @ 12:47 PM


Wow -- but this winter has been a (polar) bear, hasn't it?  On Saturday the Boston Globe analyzed FlightView's data from last winter and this one so far, and showed how badly Logan Airport's flights have been affected by the relentless snowstorms we've had -- and but for a wiped out pair of days in February of 2013, this winter has been one of the worst for flight cancellations in memory.  As many as six days since New Year's have seen a third or more of Logan's flights get scrubbed.


This terrific chart by the Globe's Luke Knox shows the effect of Boston's big snow dumps on cancellations at Logan.  It's not that the snowfalls have been that huge, but that they've been so numerous.

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