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Winter Storm Janus Flight Delay & Cancellation News Roundup

Posted by Amanda Rogers on Jan 22, 2014 @ 02:09 PM


blizzardplaneWinter storm Janus derailed travel plans from the Midwest to the busy Northeast corridor this week, delaying and cancelling thousands of flights across the country. 

If you were one of the unlucky travelers affected by the storm, we hope you're having luck rescheduling your flights. Just know you're not alone - here's a news roundup from major news outlets on who was affected and how to deal with the aftermath of the storm on your carefully laid travel plans. 

It's already been a tough winter for flying, due to storms and crippling JetBlue cancellations. Earlier this month, Joe Sharkey at the New York Times posted the flight delay and cancellation stats for the first full week of January, and it wasn't good news for business travelers. If you want to learn more about the domino effect of flight cancellations, Joe's got a great post on that, too: When Airlines Are Quick to Hit the Cancel Button.

With most of the US in a deep freeze and the potential for more storms to develop, keep your eye on FlightView for real-time information on flight delays and cancellations, as well as airport delay and closure information. 

Think spring!

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